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IMCI - The leader in CErtification in the recreational boating industry under the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU (RCD)

The RCD is a regulation at European Union (EU) level to ensure sustainable development from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Watercraft and their components sold in the EU must comply with harmonised technical safety and environmental requirements and meet the administrative obligations defined by the RCD.

These safety and environmental requirements refer to the design and construction of the craft with specific limits for exhaust and noise emissions as well as for some of the craft’s components.

RCD requires that manufacturers keep a technical file of all relevant data and officially declare the conformity of their products. A CE marking must be affixed to the product and users must be provided with detailed information about safety and maintenance.

These products are covered by the RCD

  • Recreational craft between 2.5 and 24 m hull length
  • Personal watercraft
  • Used and converted watercraft
  • Marine components
  • Marine engines

Details of the certification process

A product can only be CE-marked after its successful assessment by IMCI. In order to achieve this IMCI 

  • checks the relevant technical files, and
  • physically inspects most products.

The inspections are done by CE-Inspectors of IMCI directly at the manufacturer’s facilities. The Inspector co-operates closely with the IMCI headquarters in Belgium which, after a positive assessment, issues the CE certificate. After that the manufacturer can issue his Declaration of Conformity.

Place your trust in IMCI‘s experience and expertise... thousands of companies worldwide have already!

...we CErtify the best.

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