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Withdrawn Certificates

To the benefit of both user (-s) and manufacturer IMCI has withdrawn the certificates below:

Ref. No. Manufacturer Country of Origin Model Designator (-s) of Product Scope Module Craft Type Design Category Lh [m] Bh [m] mLDC [kg] Max. rated engine power [kW] Numbers of Persons, recommended Max. recommended Load as per Builder`s Plate [kg] Certificate Number Model Year (-s) Reason (-s) Published
001 Performance Cruising, Inc. USA Gemini 105 M Design & Construction Aa Sail Multi-Hull A 10,00 4,26 4.833 20 8  1.571 BGEM001 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  1. Does not meet the requirements of the harmonised standards as claimed in the DOC;
  2. Not suitable for design category A;
  3. Craft may not have sufficient buoyancy to remain afloat in the inverted position.
002 SVP AVIO d.o.o. SLOVENIA SHIPMAN L-30 Design & Construction A1 Sail Monohull A 9,25 2,54 3.103 30 8 860 BSVPA003 2018, 2019 Not suitable for category A 2018-11-27
003 Rand Boats ApS DENMARK Spirit 25 Design & Construction A1 Power SD w int Exhaust C 7,40 2,52 2.731 225 6 956 BRAND002 2021, 2022 The actual Light Craft Condition Mass exceeds the mass specified by the manufacturer by 33% 2023-11-22


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