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Interested in the ISO standards package for the Recreational Craft Directive?

According to Article 7, cl. 4 of Directive 2013/53/EU, every manufacturer is obliged to always use the latest harmonised standard in order to be able to achieve the relevant presumption of conformity with the Directive. Through IMCI you can obtain subscriptions to the ISO TC 188 standards which are most relevant to boat builders. These are offered at a good price through us by the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation (NBN).

There are two different standards packages, each containing the ISO standards for

  • Boats or
  • RIBs, mini-jets and PWCs

The advantages of the NBN package are:

  • NBN provides you with the latest standards on an ongoing basis
  • The standards are published in several languages (DE/EN/FR, occasionally also NL)
  • Easy online access
  • One licence is valid for 3 users with simultaneous, individual access

What happens next?

  • Here you will find the contract that has to be concluded between you and NBN.
  • Here you will find the order form that IMCI needs to apply for the subscription for you with NBN.

Please complete both forms and send them to IMCI. After IMCI has collected both the signed NBN contract and the order form, we will send you the corresponding invoice by e-mail. As soon as IMCI has received the payment, NBN will send you the access data for the licence directly.


...we CErtify the best.

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