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Post Construction Assessment

If you plan to buy a non CE'd boat, yacht or personal water craft (PWC), whether it is a new or used watercraft, you should read the following carefully before signing the sales contract. It is recommended that you equip yourself with the original text of the Watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU (RCD).

In accordance with Annex V of the RCD all essential requirements of Annex I are applicable also for such recreational craft and PWC. This includes design, construction, noise and exhaust.

As examples, the following watercraft are covered by the PCA:

  • watercraft that were neither placed on the market nor put into service in the present EEA Member State territory prior to the full application date of the Directive;
  • watercraft built for own use when placed on the market within the first five years of completion;
  • watercraft intended solely for racing or experimental craft, subsequently placed on the market as recreational craft and therefore required to be CE marked in accordance with the Directive;
  • watercraft where the purpose of use has changed to recreational use (e.g. former commercial watercraft).

Attention is drawn to the responsibility and the legal aspects, having the person placing the watercraft on the market or putting it into service in the EEA, as applicable, to assume the role of the manufacturer and being identified as the responsible person in this context (not being the authorised manufacturers representative).

IMCI will be happy to assess your craft. Please have a look at the listing of IMCI Inspectors and contact your nearest CE-Inspector with the assessment scope "Design & Construction". He will inspect your watercraft and inform you about all necessary steps.


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