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Faked Certificates

There are philosophers believing that a fake is the highest recognition.
We do not believe in this!

IMCI has been actively investigating and pursuing individuals and entities that pass off fraudulent CE certificates showing the IMCI name. The following persons or companies have at least distributed fraudulent (forged) certificates. These entities are dealers and/or transporters of the craft or components, and may or may not be the originators of the faked documents. IMCI will continue its longstanding policy to inform the EU Market Surveillance Authorities immediately if it discovers fraudulent certificates on the market in order to protect the CE program as well as unwitting consumers. In addition, we encourage all Notified Bodies, for their own sake, to review this webpage from time to time or to sign up for the IMCI Website Monitor for a complete and up-to-date list of fraudulent distributors. Should a person or company feel to be listed here wrongly we ask politely to give us short notice.

Company Name Address Website
  Ms. Sonja M. Bremmer 3120 Rider Trail South, Earth City, MO 63045, USA  


Mr. Nikos Speris (also: Nikos Spazokilis)

427 Howze Street, El Paso, TX 79906, USA


American Boat Transport & Trailers Sales, Inc.

Mr. Caesar Perez

16531 N.E. 35th Ave #2, North Miami Beach, Fl 33160, USA


Binic Tools Co., Ltd




Boats Depot Mr. Michael Foler   http://www.boatsdepot.org/boat.asp?id=2927

Caribbean Star Transfer




CE Mark Boats LTD (Marine Certification International, American Cars Online)

Mr. Mark Harris

Mr. Maik Adams

2805 E Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 148, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306, USA


Dania Boat Sales and Storage

Mr. Allan Charlap

1880 Griffin Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004, USA



Mr. Björn Borud

181 SW 75th, Terrace Plantation, FL 33317, USA


International Yacht Brokers, Inc.


1950 Northeast 135th Street, North Miami, FL 33181, USA


"International Marine Certification Institute"   15 Benoa Port Road, 13746 Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia  

Sunshine Heavy Hauling Inc.

Mr. Eustaquio Magelhaes

Mr. Ronnie Magelhaes

8470 NW 58th Street, Miami, FL 33166, USA


We point out the fakes below:

Faked Certificates

idManufacturerModel DesignatorCraft Identification Number (Hull ID)
as shown on the "certificate"
Click on Preview in list to see preview of faked certificate below.

View of Faked Certificate

  • All IMCI certificates were or are signed by either Lars Granholm (until end of 1999), Ulrich Heinemann (beginning of 2000 until today), Dr. Udo Wolff (September 2006 until end of Jnuary 2024) or Ulrich Manigel (Beginning of February 2024 until today). Please be aware that there are no other signatures!
  • All IMCI certificates are individually signed by hand;
  • There are no certificates in modules "Aa", "A1" or "B" which show a Watercraft ID or WIN (earlier called: HIN, later CIN);
  • Notified Bodies do not issue module "A" certificates;
  • IMCI does not use a stamp showing "APPROVED CE I.M.C.I. 0609";
  • IMCI certificate paper has a big watermark in the middle and numerous very small ones covering the entire certificate surface;
  • Watercraft Identification Numbers (WIN) always have 14 digits (example: NL-HXAB7A33G606). The first two digits are always letters being the country code. This is separated by a hyphen from the rest of the entire number. The last 3 digits are always numbers and the last but four digit is always a letter.
...we CErtify the best.

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