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Donation Procedure
To demonstrate its non-for-profit approach the Institute gives one or more donations for the benefit of the development, construction and use of recreational craft under the conditions stated in the paragraphs below.

Donation Committee
The Donation Committee (DC) is elected by the IMCI-Directive (BOD). The members of the DC are elected every 4 years. They propose one or more potential recipients of a donation to the BOD-Meeting. Since the beginning of this program IMCI has donated 140.000 €.

The applicant shall send a request for funding and present the purpose of the donation.

The need of the applicant must be considered to avoid funding of prosperous companies and/or persons. The applying person and/or company shall demonstrate by e.g. its annual audit report the neediness of funding by the Institute.

The applicant must be of international type to avoid national use of the Institute donations, which is working on an international level itself. The applicant has to show the wide international manner of use of the contribution.

The business of applicant must be transparent. The applying person and/or company shall demonstrate the transparency e.g. by its annual audit report.

Instant of donation
The donation(s) is (are) given after the annual BOD-Meeting with the approval of that meeting. If no applications have been submitted or the DC could not agree on minimum one applicant, the donation(s) shall be given the following year if possible.

Please send your application to:


Intelligence Centre
Mr. Ulrich Heinemann
Langstr. 89
B-4731 Eynatten

tel +32-87-3065-30
fax + 32-87-3065-36

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