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History of IMCI

History of IMCI 

On this, the occasion of the International Marine Certification Institute’s 30th anniversary, I do not want to overlook the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of our clients. I am proud to be part of this great institute. Please allow me to briefly report the story of our success.

Since 1993, IMCI, as a Notified Body under the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), has certified more than 11,519 types of craft, built by more than 2,428 boat manufacturers. Over 568 component manufacturers have received more than 9,357 certificates for a wide variety of marine products. The certificates were sent to 79 countries. Since 2005, more than 50 marinas have been certified based on a standard developed in-house, which became the basis for ISO 13687 series and ISO 21406. IMCI participates in at least 3 trade shows each year with its own stand to facilitate face to face interactions with existing and potential clients. IMCI also administers boat, yacht, and component certification based on US requirements on behalf of the NMMA and the ABYC.

IMCI is well connected. Its staff actively engage with the following organisations:

  • Recreational Craft Sectoral Group
  • ISO TC 188 (Small Craft)
  • ISO TC 228 (Tourism)
  • ISO TC 70 SC 8 (Engines)
  • ISO TC 8 (Commercial Ships and Large Yachts)
  • ICOMIA Technical Committee
  • ICOMIA International Marina Group
  • ICOMIA Superyacht Division
  • ICOMIA Statistical Committee
  • NMMA Boating Industry Risk Management Council
  • ABYC Technical Board

Every 15 months IMCI is audited both out in the field and at its head office by BELAC. IMCI has a very active and supportive Board of Directors with 28 members from 16 countries. IMCI has 56 highly motivated and specialised Inspectors working in 24 countries and 17 languages.
In the IMCI Intelligence Centre, there are 11 people working in 6 languages dealing with political, technical and administrative matters.
With its aim to serve the marine industry, the IMCI Board, the IMCI Inspectors and the head office staff have achieved a lot in the last two and a half decades. IMCI remains well respected by the market and IMCI is considered by many to be the leading Notified Body for CE certification under the Recreational Craft Directive.

Thanks to you all,
Ulrich Heinemann, IMCI CEO

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