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Joint Inspection

NMMA-IMCI Joint Inspection Programme

Not only does the European Union have its regulations like the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) – the USA does as well !

Many, but not all, marine products are required to meet a set of minimum manufacturing regulations established by the US Coast Guard.

To comply with both EU and USA requirements certainly comes with a burden for the US and EU watercraft industry when exporting over the Atlantic.

In order to simplify the processes and to reduce costs for watercraft certification IMCI and NMMA have already started in January 2001 a transatlantic Joint Inspection Programme. This covers both CE and NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification and combines both in one assessment.

However, the Joint Inspection Programme does neither cover the “NMMA Type Accepted Components” nor the “NMMA Listed Components”.

Several NMMA-IMCI Inspectors are trained on both EU and USA requirements. Some of the requirements come with significant differences while others are pretty similar.

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