IMCI - Going Forward

IMCI has a very active and supportive Board of Directors with 28 members coming from 16 countries.
The field staff of IMCI consists of 53 highly motivated and specialised Inspectors covering 17 languages working out of 23 countries.
In the IMCI Intelligence Centre, there are 11 persons covering 6 languages taking care of political, technical and administrative business.

Despite IMCI’s success, it is not time to relax. There are still many improvements we can make!

  • IMCI’s current accreditation is valid until June 2021. A quality system with frequent audits by the Belgian Authorities, which we follow strictly, means we are always ready for the next renewal of the accreditation. 
  • IMCI management’s target is an even larger market share. 
  • The staff are busy with the development of, and numerous contributions to ISO standards in 3 Technical Committees of the ISO, in order to produce better standards for the benefit of the industry. 
  • A new Finite Element Analysis system was recently introduced, with the purpose of assessing complex sandwich structures and innovative constructions. 
  • IMCI continues to organise seminars to inform manufacturers of developments relating to legal and technical requirements and their ongoing periodical changes. 
  • The IMCI website is regularly updated and offers comprehensive essential information for manufacturers. 
  • A continuous programme of education keeps IMCI staff and Inspectors knowledge and skills up to date. 
  • IMCI continues to invest in research, technology and human resources. The IMCI Foundation is being founded, with the purpose of contributing to the development of technical standards, in order to promote, protect and maintain marine life and the marine environment.

The best is yet to come!