ABYC Component Requirements

The list below shows, which ABYC standards serve for certification.

Air Conditioning Systems A-6
AC & DC Electrical Systems E-11
AC Generator Sets H-27
Anchoring, mooring and lifting hardware H-40
Battery Chargers and Inverters A-31
Battery Hold Down Devices E-10
Bilge Pumps H-22
Bow Rails, hands holds and grab rails H-41
Carbon Canisters – Gasoline C-2
Emergency Engine/Propulsion Cut-off Devices A-33
Exhaust Systems P-1
Flotation Foam H-8
Fuel Tanks, Permanent Gasoline H-24
Fuel Hoses, Gasoline H-24
Fuel System, Permanent Gasoline clamps, fittings, fuel filters H-24
Fuel Sender, Gasoline C-1500
Fuel System, Portable Gasoline H-25
Fuel Tanks, Permanent Diesel H-33
Fuel Hoses, Diesel H-33
Fuel System, Diesel - clamps, fittings, fuel filters H-33  
Galley Stoves A-3, A-30
Galvanic Isolators A-28
Gasoline and Propane Detection A-14
Hydraulic Systems H-30
Ignition protection for components in a gasoline engine and/or tank space C-1500
Ladders H-41
Liquid and Solid Fueled Boat Heating Systems A-7
LPG Systems A-1, A-26
Navigation Lights A-16
Outboard Primer Bulbs C-1
Prefabricated windows, hatches, doors and portlights H-3
Propulsion Control Systems Mechanical P-14
Propulsion Control Systems Electronic P-24
Propulsion Control Systems Jet Boats P-23
Propeller Shafting Systems P-6
Refrigerators A-6
Seacocks, thru-hull fittings and drain plugs H-27
Seats and seat hardware H-31
Sound signal appliances (horns) A-23
Start-in-gear protection - Outboards P-14
Steering systems – Mechanical & Electronic P-17, P-21, P-23, P-27
Steering Wheels P-22
Ventilation System Blowers H-2
Water Systems H-23
Windshields H-3