Certificate Fees

The initial certificate [1] fee for a component certificate (good for the current year and following calendar year) is 230 EUR [2].

A special price of 325 EUR is available for the manufacturer that applies for certificates of compliance to both ISO and ABYC standards at the same time.

Annual update fees:

  • 50 EUR for components without re-evaluation.
  • 150 EUR for components needing re-evaluation due to a changed standard or component.

Invoices are submitted by IMCI including multiple payment methods in Euros directly to IMCI.

Remember that only components with a valid certificate bearing the registered ABYC logo are approved in the ABYC Certified Component programme.

For further information please contact the IMCI office.

[1] Valid in 2018.
[2] Additionally 21 % VAT to all prices shown are applicable to EU residents and companies without VAT-ID. 
A shipping and handling fee will be charged in addition to the noted certification fee.