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ABYC Certified Component Programme

Today’s customer demands products and services that are high quality, reliable, consistent, and safe. Reliance upon standards, component testing and certification helps to demonstrate these important performance characteristics, earning greater customer loyalty. 
Choosing ABYC standards and IMCI as your global component certifier shows a company's commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality. The ABYC component certification programme drives product integrity through 3rd party certification to the rigorous performance requirements in ABYC standards.


The ABYC Component Certification Programme confirms that samples of components fully comply with the current applicable ABYC standards.  Annual updates insure that products remain in compliance.  Certificates issued by IMCI bearing the ABYC registered logo is your sign that compliance is verified. 

Your benefits

Obtaining ABYC component certification creates additional value for component suppliers by providing them with an objective means of demonstrating that their components comply with the applicable standards. They also enjoy increased visibility though IMCI’s Online Certification listing.

Boat builder’s and consumers wade through a sea of “look alike” products that appear to be for marine use, but may actually be designed for automotive or RV use.  The ABYC Certified Component logo confirms the product is built and certified for marine applications.

This component certification programme adds confidence to the supply chain integrity by having the 3rd party verification that components have been tested to the latest safety standards.  End-product manufacturers may eliminate the redundant testing of marine components used in their products.

Using ABYC certified components helps reduce costs and time to market. Knowing that components have already been found to be in compliance with the applicable standards reduces costly redesign/recall issues that may be identified during the boat’s development and production processes.

For components being sold in the European Union, ABYC Component Certification does not replace the legal requirement of CE marking components that are required in Annex II of the Directive 2013/53/EU. However many of the testing requirements contained in the ISO standards are the same in ABYC standards.  Laboratories can conduct tests to a multiple requirements and provide test reports for compliance to both ISO and ABYC.

An added benefit is that IMCI can issue a certificate that declares components meets the requirements in accordance with EN ISO standards and a second certificate that declares components meets the requirements in accordance ABYC based on equal or even identical tests.

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