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Certification of skilled trade and service companies

Quality is the focus

A corporate certification is the successful verification of a company using a set of criteria by a neutral certification body. This process is regulated by an EN standard. Most known undoubtedly is certification to EN ISO 9000 ff. These are standards that describe the principles of quality management measures. It is a system certification. Through carefully documented processes within an organisation it shall be ensured that the objectives of quality management can be achieved. Thus the operational procedures are certified and not the resulting quality. 

IMCI has a different approach which focuses on quality expected by a customer. There exist clearly defined quality objectives, whose compliance is checked regularly. This result certification has the advantage, that the end user is shown a defined and validated quality of services which are provided.

Companies have the opportunity to get certification in one or more of the following specialised business areas:

•    Boat specialised trade

•    Accessories specialised trade

•    Boat service specialised trade

•    Engine sales & service specialised trade (3 levels)

The quality catalogue has a total of approximately 200 individual quality criteria including about 90 mandatory ones which must be fulfilled in any case. For the other performance criteria points can be collected  to reach the specified and required minimum number of points. Each company gets audited by an IMCI Inspector.

When all mandatory criteria and also the required minimum points are reached, the certification is granted for a total of 3 years.

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