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IMCI Certification for Experts in the Field of Marine Business:

Are you an expert in the recreational craft market and are in need of documenting your qualifications by an independent certification service?
Are you a group of professionals searching for a quality system for your current and future members?

IMCI offers certification for professionals in the field of recreational crafts, according to EN 17024!

Certified experts may work for:

  • private persons (boat owners)
  • egal entities (boat manufacturers, boat yards, charter companies, retailers, insurance companies)
  • state authorities
  • ​​​​​​​courts

 They all may look out for an expert:

  • for a value assessment when buying/selling a boat
  • to determine the extent of a damage
  • to get an expertise if work has been properly done
  • to get an expertise in case of quarrels or court cases
  • Official authorities and courts may also hire experts in case of delegating clear defined tasks to experts, e.g. checking compliance of charter boats with regards to safety and equipment.


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