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Certification Process Experts


  1. You file an application with IMCI. This must include:
    • IMCI application form
    • Certification agreement
    • CV and copies of applicable professional attestations
  2. You will receive and pay to the invoice for the application fee.
  3. IMCI reviews the submitted documentation with regards to the prerequisites. If those are fulfilled, you are approved for the examination.
  4. You will receive and pay to the invoice for the examination.
  5. The examination is a multiple choice test and takes place at the IMCI office in Eynatten, Belgium. The examination is an open book exam.
  6. You will receive a certificate and your stamp from IMCI provided the examination has been passed.
  7. After the 5 year certification period a new examination is mandatory.

During the validity time you will get monitored regularly by IMCI with regards to your survey reports and your further education.

Please download the quality manual of the IMCI expert certification to receive the full description of the procedure and the expected prerequisites.

The actual fees for the certification can be downloaded here.

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