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RSG Guidelines 2021
  • 2021-Feb-02

RSG Guidelines 2021

New RSG Guidelines have been published

The 2021 RSG Guidelines have been published and prepared to assist Market Surveillance Authorities, Notified Bodies and Industry.

The Recreational Craft Sectoral Group (RSG) has been established to assist in the uniform application and interpretation of the actual version of the Recreational Craft Directive 2013-53-EU (RCD).

The composition of RSG comprises the following parties:

  • Notified Bodies
  • EU Commission
  • Recreational Craft Industry
  • User Organisations
  • European Standardisation Bodies

The objectives of co-operation within the RSG

  • to share experience and exchange views on the application of the conformity assessment procedures with the aim of contributing to a uniform understanding and application of requirements and procedures;
  • to elaborate opinions from a technical point of view on matters of conformity assessment procedures by seeking a consensus;
  • to give advice to the EU Commission following its request on subjects related to the application of the RCD;
  • to consider aspects of ethics related to Notified Body activities and to elaborate, if necessary, statements on that topic;
  • to remain in coherence with standardisation work at European and international level;
  • to remain informed of harmonisation activities at European level.