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After the virus is before the virus !
  • 2020-Apr-30

After the virus is before the virus !

IMCI introduces 12 Security Measures

We at IMCI have used the last few weeks very well. 

To protect our personnel 12 Security Measures Against Virus Infections have been introduced, which have obviously proved their worth when strictly adhered to. All the staff at the head office and all our Inspectors, even those in the Corona hotspots, have remained healthy!

We are happy to provide everyone with our leaflet, which can be printed out in A3 or A4 and displayed in the office or workshop.

Other tools have been improved over the same period and our motivation is higher than ever. Preparations for the BREXIT are on their way.

Through continuous active communication with our customers, we know that their research and development departments have also made the most of the time available and have pushed forward or even completed new projects and products. We look forward to working on their certification as quickly as possible and to working with them to help our industry achieve new shine.

Viruses will certainly continue to accompany us in the future. But where is "social distancing" better practiced than on running boats? Let’s go boating whenever you can. Together with our customers we will continue to pull on one and the same chain in the future!

Best regards,

Uli Heinemann