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New Generation of IMCI Checklists and Calculation Tools
  • 2019-Dec-03

New Generation of IMCI Checklists and Calculation Tools

...at no charge

For 25 years, IMCI’s numerous checklists have always been a very good tool for industry to check conformity of a watercraft with the various ISO standards under the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU.

The new generation of checklists offers you now much more help and support for the compliance check.

From now on there are two different checklists available that update and bundle most previous lists:

  • Checklist – Systems and Installations
  • Checklist – Testing and Documentation

The checklist “Systems and Installations” does reflect requirements for over 25 harmonised ISO standards. You first fill out the coversheet and then use this checklist to prepare an inspection of the watercraft to prove compliance with the applicable ISO standards. Only one signature is needed.

The other checklist “Testing and Documentation” is a compilation for more than 25 ISO standards to identify:

  • requirements for testing of equipment and systems (e.g. pull test for handhold, pressure test of fuel system, etc.)
  • necessary documentation for OEM components and systems (e.g. oxygen index for insulation materials, maximum separation force of connectors etc.).

If you apply for an inspection with IMCI, please prepare both checklists for the IMCI Inspector. This will help you and your Inspector to run a smooth, time efficient inspection. The checklist can be part of the technical file of your watercraft and complement your quality system.

In addition, IMCI offers on the same website free caculation tools for the following topics:
  • Stability
  • Windows, Portlights, Hatches and Doors,
  • Cockpits
  • Inflatables and Rigid Inflatables

IMCI as a non-profit organisation releases these checklists and calculation tool for free on its website.

In case of any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the IMCI office or one of our Inspectors at any time.