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EU Official Journal
  • 2018-Jan-05

EU Official Journal

19 ISO standards have been harmonised through publication in the EU Official Journal

In the Official Journal of the European Union nineteen (19) EN ISO standards were published on 15-12-2017 delivering since then the Presumption of Conformity under RCD 2013/53/EU. With one (1) exception (EN ISO 9094:2017) they all have not been changed regarding their technical content. They only have got a new Annex ZA for harmonisation purposes:

  • EN ISO 8665:2017       Power measurements and declarations
  • EN ISO 8846:2017       Electrical devices - IGP
  • EN ISO 8847:2017       Steering gear - Cable and pulley systems
  • EN ISO 8848:2017       Remote steering systems
  • EN ISO 9094:2017       Fire protection
  • EN ISO 9097:2017       Electric fans
  • EN ISO 9775:2017       Remote steering systems for single outboard motors of 15 kW to 40 kW power
  • EN ISO 10088:2017     Permanently installed fuel systems
  • EN ISO 10133:2017     Electrical systems - Extra-low-voltage D.C. installations
  • EN ISO 10239:2017     Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems
  • EN ISO 10592:2017     Hydraulic steering systems
  • EN ISO 11105:2017     Ventilation of petrol engine and/or petrol tank compartments
  • EN ISO 12117-1:2017  Non-sailing boats of hull length greater than or equal to 6 m
  • EN ISO 12217-2:2017  Sailing boats of hull length greater than or equal to 6 m
  • EN ISO 12217-3:2017  Boats of hull length less than 6 m
  • EN ISO 13929:2017     Steering gear - Geared linked systems
  • EN ISO 15584:2017     Inboard petrol engines - Engine-mounted fuel and electrical components
  • EN ISO 15652:2017     Remote steering systems for inboard mini jet boats
  • EN ISO 16147:2017     Inboard diesel engines - Engine-mounted fuel and electrical components

Only the edition of EN ISO 9094:2017 (fire protection) has been changed significantly. It cancels and replaces ISO 9094-1:2003 and ISO 9094-2:2002 which have been merged now into one new standard. The major technical changes concern:

  • change in definition of “readily accessible” being for “emergency conditions”;
  • added definitions and requirements for cooking appliances, solid fuel appliances and heating appliance installations;
  • requirements for cooking and heating appliances using liquid fuel;
  • specific requirements addressing compartments containing petrol tanks and containers and portable petrol driven engines;
  • added requirements for fire protection for “domed ” decklights;
  • fire detection requirements for craft over 12 m;
  • clarification of escape routes for quarter cabin arrangements;
  • detailed requirements for access to deck hatches designated as fire exits;
  • changes to engine and engine compartment fire extinguishing requirements;
  • fixed fire extinguishing systems to be “approved systems”;
  • requirement for diesel engine shut down and “shut off dampers”;
  • audible alarm requirements required only for protected spaces able to be occupied.

Please find here all standards to be used under RCD including the dates of cessation of the presumption of conformity of the superseded standards.