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Working Papers -Switzerland
  • 2017-Mar-29

Working Papers -Switzerland

Requirements to consider in addition to those in the new RCD

Recently we have received some questions relating to the current status of Switzerland within the EU and how the 2013/53/EU Directive applies. Most of you are aware that they are neither part of the EU nor part of the European Economic Area but are part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and have voluntarily transposed the essential requirements of the 2013/53/EU Directive.
There are however some additional points which have to be considered for craft operating on Swiss lakes and rivers. Please see below for the details and the corresponding articles in the legislation with links to the official documents, unfortunately only in German, French and Italian languages.

  • Both petrol and diesel fuel tanks should not be integral with the hull

BSV (Binnenschifffahrtsverordnung, SR 747.201.1), art. 108, al. 2


„Die Aussenhaut eines Schiffes darf nicht zugleich als Wand von Behältern mit wassergefährdenden Stoffen dienen.“

  • Bilge areas within engine room spaces were not allowed to discharge directly overboard to prevent accidental pollution

BSV (Binnenschifffahrtsverordnung, SR 747.201.1), art. 108, al. 3


„Unter Innenbordmotoren und anderen Aggregaten sind geeignete Auffangwannen anzubringen, wenn nicht durch andere Massnahmen sichergestellt ist, dass keine wassergefährdenden Stoffe auslaufen und ins Wasser gelangen können.“

  • In certain cases the sound emission tests are more stringent than the levels in the Directive

BSV (Binnenschifffahrtsverordnung, SR 747.201.1), art. 109a, b


1 Der maximale Schalldruckpegel von Sportbooten mit einem Antriebsmotor, dessen Nennleistung höchstens 10 kW beträgt, darf 67 dB(A) nicht überschreiten.

2 Für mehrmotorige Sportboote mit einer Nennleistung des einzelnen Motors von höchstens 10 kW kann der Grenzwert um 3 dB(A) erhöht werden.

3 Der maximale Schalldruckpegel von Schiffen, ausgenommen Sportbooten nach den Absätzen 1 und 2, darf 72 dB(A) nicht überschreiten.

  • Certain areas (Lake Constance) require additional engine exhaust emission limits

The engine exhaust emission limits at the Lake of Constance are regulated in the “Verordnung über die Schifffahrt auf dem Bodensee (BSO)” in art. 13.11a: https://www.admin.ch/opc/de/classified-compilation/19760005/index.html#a13a

You will find the details (Anlage C) in the attached German Document of the BSO on page 35.

*NOTE: ICOMIA and IMEC are preparing additional guidance on the new BSO regulations and are hoping to get this and the regulations translated into English soon.

  • Certain types of PWC are not allowed to be used in Switzerland (depending on their power output.)

The legislation (Binnenschifffahrtsverordnung) limits the engine power of boats up to 6.5 m using the formula described in Anhang 11: https://www.admin.ch/opc/de/classified-compilation/19780252/index.html#app12.

We hope this information is useful and please don't hesitate to share any additional info that has not been mentioned above.