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ISO Standards packages available at IMCI
  • 2016-Dec-12

ISO Standards packages available at IMCI

ISO Standards packages available at IMCI in English, French and German for the Recreational Craft Directive

The International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI), in cooperation with the Belgian Bureau for Standardization (NBN), offers the most critical EN ISO Standards for use under the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU (RCD).

Two different multi-language packages are offered in English, French and German:

•           One package is compiled for boat manufacturers,
•           Another package is compiled for manufacturers of RIB’s, PWC’s and Mini-Jet boats.

Each package contains about 45 EN ISO Standards for 499 EUR/year, which come with access for up to 3 users per license. The PDF standards can be downloaded via the NBN website, and are fully searchable. The packages are kept current by NBN directly. Please contact IMCI at info@imci.org to receive an order form or more information. RCD requires: “Manufacturers shall ensure that procedures are in place for series production to remain in conformity. Changes in product design or characteristics and changes in the harmonized standards by reference to which conformity of a product is declared shall be adequately taken into account.”

Never get into trouble again by working with outdated standards!

“…we CErtify the best”