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EU Official Journal
  • 2016-Sep-26

EU Official Journal

EN ISO 14895:2016 and EN ISO 16315:2016 were published in the EU Official Journal

In the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union two EN ISO standards were published delivering now the Presumption of Conformity under the new RCD 2013/53/EU:

  • EN ISO 16315:2016 is brandnew and covers "Electric Propulsion Systems" on small craft
  • EN ISO 14895:2016 will replace the 2003 version at the end of 2016. Until then both the 2003 and the 2016 version will provide Presumption of Conformity under the new RCD. The standard deals with "Liquid-fuled Galley Stoves and Heating Appliances".

EN ISO 14895:2016 covers the following main changes against the 2003 version:

  • widening the scope to include heating appliances; subsequently, requirements applicable to heaters and stoves are combined or differentiated by type of appliance;
  • the above scope extension required a modification of general, installation and requirements for design and construction of appliances;
  • a new clause on design and construction of heating appliances, as well as an annex on the information on heaters required for the craft owner’s manual;
  • references to ISO 7840, ISO 13297 and ISO 21487 have also been added.