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  • 2021-Nov-12


Twenty years of successful combined certification of boats and yachts for both US and EU

This year marks the 20th anniversary that NMMA and IMCI discussed a new, previously unheard idea:

“Could recreational boats be certified for both the European and American markets in a fast, easy, efficient and cost-effective way? Could it be done with one inspection rather than multiple inspections from separate assessment bodies which takes time, money and effectiveness away from both the manufacturer and the consumer?”

Thus, they created a partnership that streamlined the recreational boating inspection process for the two largest boating areas of the world, the European Union and the United States. One inspection and two certifications for all boats and yachts coming from all over the world - it sounded simple but no one had tried it before. 

Ulrich Heinemann, CEO of IMCI says: ”The realisation of this idea was an immediate success and made the International Marine Certification Institute probably the world's largest and most successful certifier in our industry. In this joint programme, IMCI and NMMA use a group of assessors who have been and are trained on both ABYC and ISO standards. Thus, upon successful completion of a single inspection sequence, both CE and NMMA certification can be awarded.”

“The National Marine Manufacturers Association is proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the global joint inspection and certification program cofounded by NMMA and IMCI,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, NMMA president. “This program has created a more efficient, streamlined inspection process across the US and EU in order to ensure consumers are purchasing boats designed and built to the very highest global standards.”

Today, this partnership is stronger than ever and continues to serve the global boating industry.

NMMA & IMCI LOGO in the year 2000: