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Certification of Experts


IMCI Certification for Experts in the Field of Marine Business:


Are you an expert in the recreational craft market and are in need of documenting your qualifications by an independent certification service?
Are you a group of professionals searching for a quality system for your current and future members?

IMCI offers certification for professionals in the field of recreational crafts, according to EN 17024 !


The certification implies examination of persons as experts in the field of recreational craft (all pleasure boats and yachts). Certified experts may work for
  • private persons (boat owners);
  • legal entities (boat manufacturers, boat yards, charter companies, retailers, insurance companies)
  • state authorities;
  • courts.


They all may look out for an expert:
  • for a value assessment when buying/selling a boat;
  • to determine the extent of a damage;
  • to get an expertise if work has been properly done;
  • to get an expertise in case of quarrels or court cases.


Official authorities and courts may also hire experts in case of delegating clear defined tasks to experts, e.g. checking compliance of charter boats with regards to safety and equipment.


What is the procedure?




Mikko Mustakallio
Kesäpurje Sailing School
Dear Renate Heeren,
Thanks a lot for the information. I am very happy that the certificate is on the way to me.
I am very satisfied with the professional approach and good service I have received from IMCI people; from the IMCI office and the Finnish IMCI Inspector, Mr Anton Salokoski.
I can truly recommend your services to anybody who needs to certify a boat.
Kind regards,
Mikko Mustakallio
Sailing and Navigation Instructor
RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore
Thom Dammrich
National Marine Manufacturers Association
Congratulations, Uli.
The success of IMCI is due to the outstanding customer service provided by you, your highly qualified staff, and the unparalleled reach and quality of your global team of Inspectors.
Craig Scholten
Rec Boat Holdings, LLC
IMCI’s approach to product certification is very professional and totally supported by a team that understands the process.
Guido - Thank you very much for your excellent work and service.
Uli - Your team is the best!
Compliance Specialist
Ana Rodríguez Peiró
Aitamar s.l.
IMCI is exactly the organisation that fulfils the standard of professionalism, seriousness and high level quality for the certification process that we require for our clients.
Ana Rodríguez Peiró
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The IMCI website offers information about followings subjects: 1. The CE certification of boats and components (like: hatch, fuel hose, steering system, fuel tank and other). 2. Certification of new and used / old boats for the European market. Sometimes this process is also called: CE certification, boat certification, European certification etc. 3. The CE certificate is demanded if you import a new or used boat to EU (imported boat) as a privat or legal person. 4. Most times you have to show the CE certificate and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to register the boat in your country (boat registration). 5. The certification must be in accordance with the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC amended by Directive 2003/44/EC. 6. Second hand boats are assessed by a Post Construction Assessment (PCA). The issued document is the Report of Conformity.